postheadericon Wales Need Better Performances If They’re Going To Qualify For Euro 2016

Wales defeated Andorra in their recent Group B match in the Euro 2016 qualifiers but it was a scrappy performance to say the least. If Wales are going to qualify for the tournament then they are going to need a drastic improvement. Another thing is also for certain – they have to stop relying on the brilliance of Gareth Bale to get them through games. If it wasn’t for Bale who knows where the team would be right now.

Optimism has been high in the Wales camp for them to make the Euro 2016 tournament. This is understandable considering the calibre of players in this team. This is one of the best Wales teams in decades with some great players. Gareth Bale has already been mentioned but then there are players like Ashley Williams, Joe Allen, Aaron Ramsey, to name a few. When you look at names like this you can see why optimism is high in the team camp.

However, if they continue to put in performances like the one against minnows Andorra they are going to struggle to qualify. Their next game is against Bosnia away and they need to make some changes if they’re going to improve. One change should be playing Bale up front. He has the skills and footballing genius to win a game off his own boot and this needs to be utilised.

Even though they had an unconvincing win against Andorra they should still be favourites to beat Bosnia away in their next group match.

postheadericon Online poker game: A balance sheet for May on Online High Stakes

In the landscape of online High Stakes, the outcome in May is similar to the previous ones. Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom never cease to lose money. Accordingly these stars of online poker from the northern part of Europe are now considered by observers as “loosers”. Their respective losses are estimated at several million of USD. However some notable names have illuminated.

This is the case for the Russian Alexander Kostritsyn, the chance of whom smiled at himself in May. In these high-stake poker games, he recorded a positive balance sheet. Ditto for the German-American Cort Kibler-Melby and German Sebastian Ruthenberg. Both fans of poker game have also collected big profits at the end of May 2014. Despite all this, High Stakes games are reportedly decreasing in number, prior to the start of the WSOP festival in Las Vegas.

postheadericon Djokovic as n°1 seeded player

While Rafael Nadal has recently emerged winner of Roland Garros for his ninth title. However, this achievement wasn’t enough to send him at the top of rating n°1 for the next Wimbledon Championships. Effectively, the organizers of the lawn tennis tournament have decided differently, and have preferred Novak Djokovic instead of the Spanish to dress with the status of the n°1 seeded player in Wimbledon. This situation has undoubtedly disappointed the most titled player on clay court as well as members of betting websites.

Thus, the Serbian is going to be the n°1 seeded player while Andy Murray, the winner, will lead the one of the series n°3 in front of Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka. On their side, fans of mobile free bets will be able to count on the three French players to benefit from a protégé status, namely Richard Gasquet (13), Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (14) and Gaël Monfils (24). As for the prizelist, Djokovic, at present the world n°2 behind the Spanish, was titled once in Wimbledon in 2011, but remains on a final while the Majorcan has been eliminated by Lukas Rosol by his entry. From his part, the Spanish player had already stood out twice in London. Numerous betting deposit bonus are to win during these London Championships!

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postheadericon WSOP ain Event: French players not represented much during the Day 1A

The WSOP 2013 of Las Vegas is currently in the sixth week, with the most frightening but most expected event: the Main Event at $10,000 of entry fee. During the Day 1A, 943 keen of poker and survivors coming from all over the world met. After 5 levels of blinds lasting 2 hours, 584 players qualified to take part in the next step, planned this Monday.

This tournament will last ten days and will take place in the big poker room of Rio of Las Vegas. At the top, we find the American Evan Panesis, with a stack of 190,975 chips, or 6 times the starting stack (30,000 chips). After, Olivier Busquet (87,775) followed by Greg Merson (81,650), Dominik Nitsche (76,775), Elio Fox (75,500)… In this group of poker players, France does not have many representatives. Gilles Morihain (111,725), Gregory Benac (85,675), Laurent Bellaiche (80,125), Laurent Michot (79,950) and Guillaume Jenner (71,900) are the some French, able to stay in the running.

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Playing in online casino and earning money while staying at home, it’s possible for everyone. Online gambling rooms are quite numerous and the games they offer to their players are all attractive. To earn money through these games, we must know the rules and the right strategies already known by big players. Several sites specialized in casino games offer a special section to new players to help them to learn everything they need to know before starting a free game and also to allow new players to understand the rules. Most of online gaming rooms offer a play money mode of their games so that everyone can play and have fun even in craps, blackjack, poker, dice, baccara,… It is even possible with these free games to win real money, but to better take advantage of it, you must be able to choose the right one online Casino Bet.

postheadericon To familiarize with free online casino games is possible

The evolution of technology and morals brought a lot of changes in the perception of gambling. Regarding gambling, many people are still afraid of being ruined and lured by online casinos. But since a few time, online casino did much better to restore their image. The casino industry gave to all amateur and professional of poker or other casino games like live blackjack or slot machines to play casino games for free, to verify the reliability of their software and to ensure that the payout is true. The introduction of free casino games allowed people who never try playing casino game via internet to learn without losing money and stress. They simply enjoy their favorite game. Many players seek above all to have fun. Free casino games offered them also that. But if they decide to stake real money, many doors are open for them.

postheadericon Dress Code in Las Vegas Casinos

Dress codes are unusual in Las Vegas, but depending on the casino you are visiting it may be wise to take extra care of your appearance. Why not use this occasion to dress up?

During the day you are more than likely to spot sneakers, jeans or even flip flops. However, if you are planning to attend a dinner or show at a casino, you may want to make sure that you are not underdressed. The casino is a great place to meet people and there is only one chance to make a first impression. The least you can do is making sure that your toes and knees are covered after sunset.

If you only go to the casino to play the slots or video poker, then your looks are not a real issue. However, if you decided to join one of the tables, than dressing up can give you a physiological advantage over your opponents. Casinos are also more likely to offer free drink to someone who is elegantly dressed.

As a woman you can’t go wrong with a black cocktail dress. Men are advised to opt for a nice suit. Make sure that your outfit reflects your personality.

postheadericon To Poker Bot Or Not, Is This Even a Question?

It seems that almost ever since we have been able to make money of any kind online – developers have been busily cooking up ideas for bots that will make it easier, faster and less problematic to make even more money from our chosen niche. To explain what a “bot” is, this is obviously the abbreviation for robot and no, it is not a little R2D2 that takes over at your PC or laptop when you can’t be there, although the principle is similar.

Bots are software specifically engineered to do what you can’t do when you play poker, need to take a pee break or run to the corner grocer when the chips are down and you need a new pack. If you can imagine Daniel Negreanu being on the rail at a WSOP, and Phil Helmuth needs a break, he may call Daniel over to the table and ask him to take over his hands for a few rounds.  Negreanu is the bot and Phil Helmuth is you – yah, right; wishful thinking!

Delving slightly deeper into the guts of the poker bot issue, there are a few things you need to take note of. The main issue being that regardless of the fact that you just paid $200 for a bot, you still have to spend thousands of hours programming it. So, it takes a lot of money and hard work before a bot starts working for you…i.e. making money!

There is also (quite rightly) an ongoing war taking place between online poker rooms and botters, and this is for obvious reasons.  Online poker rooms believe it is an act of fraud to use these systems, and so do I. Can botting potentially floor the multi-billion dollar online poker industry? Potentially, the answer is yes and for this reason they will if at all possible block your bot, ban you from the poker room and there may even come a time when prosecution follows!

If you think about it from this point of view, the poker bot gives the player an unfair advantage over his fellow players. He is not playing against the house, so he is very definitely cheating his fellow poker players.

A poker player has five to thirty seconds to react to any situation in an online poker game before he is timed out. The high speed processors of the bot can calculate millions of options in that time. Now while the poker room is not able to control the information the player has access to or what information he transmits to make his play; what the poker room can do is insert an llh.dll file into the Windows APIs running on his PC or Laptop as well as insert mouse and keyboard hooks.  This allows the security systems of the poker software to detect what you are doing on your peripherals. If they detect suspicious activity, they have the right, according to their terms and conditions, to block your account and retain any funds in it.  The site may need these funds too, because all that money your poker bot won for you from your opponents – your fellow players may make a claim against.

postheadericon Isildur1 scores at another tournament

Another memorable match was played by the mysterious Swedish player who hides himself under the nickname of Isildur1. He defeated Tony G in the SuperStar Showdown this last Sunday winning $44,280. The rivals waged a battle featuring 2,500 hands, playing pot limit Omaha and no limit Hold’em. Tony G has a victorious history, having made it to two final tables at the World Poker Tour and won over $4 million during his career as a poker professional. Isildur1 turned the spotlight in his direction in 2009 when he participated in ten biggest pots in the history of online poker. PokerStars, who have him in their team, are claiming that his mysterious identity will be revealed soon.